We are now a few weeks into the lockdown – or as we here at SydFIT prefer to call it, our “isolation vacation”.  At this point, hopefully you have set up your home workout space and are getting in at least a short workout a few times per week. 

Throughout the blogs this month, we have been discussing at-home training; the benefits it brings to our overall health, and how to set up an effective home gym with minimal space and/or equipment. As you have been reading, I’m sure some of you have thought that regardless of the tips we give you, you just don’t like training at home. 

Today, we are going to run through ways to commit to at-home training while going to a gym is not an option; not only will this help you stay on track with your health and fitness, but it can help keep you mentally in-check during this time. 

Keeping Motivated in Your Home Space

It is no secret that some people just don’t like working out at home. You could have the perfect space set up, access to a program, and have paid for online training; but, you just can’t bring themselves to get into the swing of things. There is nothing wrong with this and that is why gyms are so popular. But, there are times in our lives when going to a gym is just not an option – like right now. 

Gyms being closed should not be a reason to fall off on your health and fitness goals – after all, achieving your optimal self is about making daily decisions that will propel you forward. It is about focusing on what you can control about a situation, and completing day by day tasks that compound into something greater. 

Use goal setting to help you stay motivated:

As humans, we typically react our best when faced with a challenge – this is why we set goals so that we continue to level up throughout our lives. During this time when we are at home, we can rely on this strategy even more. Something as simple as being able to run a 25 minute 5k, could be your goal. You can enlist the help in a virtual trainer to create a running program specific to you and help you remain accountable. 

If running is not something you enjoy, you can set another goal like being able to do 3 consecutive chin ups. The equipment required for this is minimal (a doorframe pull-up bar and some resistance bands), and the movement is quite simple. If, for example, this is your goal, you might not need the help of a trainer once the program has been made. You can track your own progress and once you hit the 3 repetitions, you can increase your goal to 5. Before you know it, you will be both banging out chin ups and the isolation vacation will be over. 

Lean on your social circle and create a workout challenge group:

Just as much as we need physical exercise, we also need socialization. During this time, it is possible to get both – they just come in different ways than we were previously accustomed to. 

A great way to stay motivated in your workout plans is to gather a group of your friends and create an online challenge group. This can involve awarding points to each person daily for things like tracking your nutrition with MyFitnessPal, avoiding added sugar, and hitting a daily step goal. This challenge could last for a month and each day everyone has their progress tracked. In addition, you could also create a chat group or a Facebook page for the challenge to help encourage one another. 

While it may seem difficult right now, always remember that we didn’t come this far to only come this far. The SydFIT team is here to support you during this time in all your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and if you mention this blog you will receive a FREE virtual program assessment to keep you on the path to your optimal self!