Slow and steady wins weight loss! Shawn’s Journey

By Mercedes Kay Gold, CPT, CNP


Shawn stepped through the doors of SydFIT, June 21st for his assessment. He was very clear about his goal of getting healthy. Weight has been a struggle since he can remember. Although his job involves a lot of walking, adding resistance training, cardio and nutrition was vital. Shawn had lost a significant amount of weight on his own prior to hiring Josh, his trainer at SydFIT and me, his nutritionist. His starting weight was 286lbs and he wants and he WILL lose the 100lb goal he set. He felt support was needed as he hit a plateau and was in a rut eating the same mundane meals.

It’s not easy to stay disciplined and at times Shawn struggles like WE all do. The hardest thing Shawn found was giving up sugary drinks. This is one thing that I am truly a stickler over. Cutting POP is a must for everyone. Diet pop is bad! Aspartame and Splenda are cancer causing chemicals.

Shawn jumped right into his new protocol and it was awesome hearing he had more energy and sleeping even better. After sending him an article on eating less animal products, he’s been testing a plant-based lifestyle out. He is surprised himself at how often he chooses rice and asparagus as an option.

Eating healthy is complimented by working out. It’s really important to gain muscle while dropping body fat. Skin stays firmer, thyroid functions optimally and bones get stronger to support the new muscle mass. Josh started training with Shawn one on one within a week of the assessment. Josh designed a training plan that “focuses on movement” and “foundational movement”. Josh wanted to, “make sure Shawn is able to execute moves properly and safely so that we may prevent injury”.  Shawn looks forward to the time in the gym but admits the sled is not his favourite! Just one of the benefits of having a team behind you is communication. After hitting a bit of a problem in training, Josh and I connected. Shawn wrote me, “I had breakfast this morning at 6 and then didn’t have anything before my training session; I ended up throwing up half way through training.”  Shawn implemented one of his recommended snacks 90 minutes before working out and understands going on empty doesn’t fuel a workout. Problem solved with well-timed proper nutrition. Shawn is also using post-training supplements to speed up recovery and says, “My muscles aren’t as sore after work or workouts.”

It’s been just over a month and the fact that Shawn is losing approximately 1.5 lbs a week is perfect. Slow and steady wins the race. He is not losing water and will keep the weight off with his new lifestyle. He is not on a D-I-E-T. He has changed his daily routine and through consistency is maintaining all the gains! Shawn learned he wasn’t alone in his journey when he walked through the door at SydFIT and offers this advice. “You’re a lot stronger than you realize and don’t be afraid to reach out.”

Shawn’s journey is just beginning!!  We can’t wait to celebrate his future successes!

*Always consult a MD or ND before starting any new exercise program or supplement