12 Rounds To

A Culture of Excellence

At the SydFit Health Centre we have the 12 Rounds to Creating a Culture of Excellence.

Everything we do, we do together, to create, maintain and promote a Culture of Excellence.

Round 1

Create engaging, healthy, and empowering experiences for our members and staff.

Round 2

Develop world class athletes who value community, and are excellent in their sport in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Round 3

Grow our business through ethical and responsible methods.

Round 4

Value and protect all our relationships by treating each other with respect, setting boundaries, asking for help, giving assistance and making thoughtful choices.

Round 5

Work together to create an atmosphere of positive energy and openness, to grow by giving authority along with responsibility, and hold each other accountable.

Round 6

Understand it’s our job, to creatively inspire our members and each other.

Round 7

Provide tangible and realistic opportunities for career growth and personal advancement.

Round 8

Invest in the resources required to meet our financial and structural goals.

Round 9

Seek and hire knowledge and talent from the best persons who believe in, and act in accordance with the Culture of Excellence. We respectfully disengage with those who do not.

Round 10

Recognize that direct communication founded in respect is always the preferred method of problem solving and progress.

Round 11

Ensure fun and play is integrated into our work, and not be afraid to take a calculated risk.

Round 12

Contribute to our community by sharing our skills, expertise, and positivity.