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SydFIT Family Day Closure

SydFIT Health Centre will be closed February 17, 2020 for the Family Day Holiday. All of us at the SydFIT Health Centre wish you and your families a wonderful day together!

Weather Cancellations and Closures

Winter is Coming! As the cold weather brings us more difficult travel conditions, we want to keep the safety of our members in mind!! When school buses are cancelled for the day, ALL youth and fitness boxing classes will be cancelled.   Members with scheduled Private...

How To Start A New Exercise Program

Starting any new regime can at first be daunting.  Results take time, it requires effort (some more than others) and it feels uncomfortable and foreign. It’s easy to find a million reasons to not do it and a million other things we enjoy doing more, especially when it...

Food For Recovery

Whether you’ve started a new workout regime or you are a seasoned athlete, you are spending  time and energy, putting in effort and putting in the work. You feel proud and accomplished for taking the time to care for your body, and for working...

Our Stories

Meet some of the members of the SydFIT Health Centre family, from young champions to boxing fitness members to competitors. They are sharing their stories and, although they might not realize, they are incredibly inspiring! New posts each week. We hope you enjoy them....

Recipes: delicious AND healthy

Recipes: healthy & delicious SydFIT Health Centre trainer, Jynelle Bourne, loves to cook and loves to eat. She's sharing some of her favourite recipes with you. Try them, you'll love them...and your body will love you. New recipes posted regularly. Click here to view...

10 Benefits of Jumping Rope

1. It is one of the best cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout. 2. Jumping rope is known to burn around 1300 calories/hour (now that’s really high!). Therefore, it can basically be called an effective fat-melter. 3. Skipping exercise burns more...

Physiotherapy @ SydFIT

SydFIT Health Centre is happy to be able to offer physiotherapy in the SydFIT Wellness Centre. Physiotherapy is a great way to ensure any subtle aches and pains aren't linked to anything deeper within the body. Physiotherapy can also be utilized for increased mobility...

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