It’s no secret that a consistent routine is what primes you for success. But what happens when that routine is thrown off due to an unexpected occurrence – like a global pandemic? It is in those moments that we are forced to figure out a way to create a new routine that fits our current reality. 

The Strength of Having a Routine

Routine is great in every aspect of your life, but one place where it can sometimes slip our mind is in our health and fitness journey. While it may be challenging to get a routine established, once the habit is made, it becomes easier to get yourself to a gym, to do the class with your favourite trainer, and to socialize with your gym community. 

Over the course of the last year, however, that routine has been tested on numerous occasions. The key now though, is to remember that just because the environment in which you workout in has changed, it doesn’t mean the entire habit and plan have to. This is exactly what long-time SydFIT member Anisa Copeland has learned throughout the past year. 

The Power of Community – SydFIT Member Anisa Copeland

Anisa is proud to say that she loves SydFIT and everything it stands for: the friendly and inclusive environment, the knowledgeable staff, and the other members she trains with. She also enjoys going to the Centre to use all the equipment she is familiar with; however, this changed over the course of the past year when the gyms were forced to close. 

Upon the closing of gyms and fitness Centres , Anisa took a look at her goals and made the decision to continue her training at-home – even if that meant working with only 40lb dumbbells and a bunch of resistance bands. After discussing the situation with her SydFIT trainer Kurtis, they were able to modify Anisa’s workout plan to fit into her new reality. Kurtis’ professional expertise enabled him to formulate a plan that Anisa could do from home, while still enjoying the workout, and would give her the results she was looking for, using SydFIT’s virtual coaching app and Zoom to work with Kurtis. 

During this time, Anisa has found that working with her trainer online has been very similar to seeing him in person. “I have been fortunate enough to have access to my trainer through Zoom. It’s a one-on-one lesson just like it would be in person. You can take your trainer through your space and it allows them to see what accommodations you can make. You have the ability to see the trainer demonstrate the specific exercises then watch you run through them to make sure your form is correct.”

Anisa credits Syd Vanderpool’s ahead-of-the-curve thinking with the success SydFIT has had in terms of online training and coaching. Syd has used online training as a tool with his clients prior to the pandemic, and during these isolation vacations he gave the world the perfect opportunity to find out what members like Anisa already know – technology is a useful tool and at-home training can be fun, educational, and motivating. 

The team at SydFIT is here to support you through your isolation vacation (and beyond) to help you establish a plan to reach your health and fitness goals. Contact SydFIT today to set up your virtual consultation, learn the boxing basics, and get started on your journey to your optimal self!