You have made the decision: you are going to start working out at home. Now, before beginning anything new, it is always a good idea to make a plan in order to eliminate as many unknowns as possible and give you the greatest possibility of success. If you are new to the whole home workout idea, you may need a little help to get started. So today we are going to run you through some key tips that will help you make the most of your at-home workouts.

TIP 1: Create a designated workout space

As humans, we naturally function better when areas of our life are segmented. This, for example, means not doing work while sitting in your bed, not eating while driving in your car, and not working out in a space that you would usually be relaxing in. 

Even if you are tight on space in your house or apartment, it is possible to create a designated training space. If you have a spare room available, turn that into your mini home gym. But, if you don’t, just take a corner of your living room and keep all your workout gear there (yoga mat, hand weights, resistance bands). The key here is you want enough space to be able to stretch your arms and legs out without hitting something, and you want to keep it separate from the rest of your day so that when you go to that space, you mentally check-in to workout mode. 

TIP 2: Start with buying just the basics

Working out at home can either cost you more than a gym membership, or less – it’s your choice. We suggest that when you are first getting started to stick with the basics. Buy a yoga mat, some hand weights (1 – 5lbs), and some resistance bands. While you may be thinking that 5lbs isn’t that much, through the use of resistance bands, you can make that 5lb dumbbell feel like 60lbs. Some other equipment that are both inexpensive and diversifiable are: door hang chin-up bars, weight vests, and medicine balls. And don’t forget those boxing gloves! Even if you don’t have a heavy bag, the weight of the gloves will enhance your workout! 

If you don’t currently have the resources to purchase any equipment, just use your own bodyweight – it’s the heaviest, free piece of workout equipment you will ever have. In fact, bodyweight exercises are proven to give you a top-notch workout no matter what level of training you are at!

TIP 3: Find a community that motivates you

A big reason why people go to the gym is the environment. It pumps you up when you are tired, there is comradery with workout buddies, and the music is pumping. It’s important to remember that just because you aren’t at the gym, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo that environment. 

One of the benefits of technology is that you can bring the gym to you! Invest in online workouts – like the ones we offer at SydFIT. Through our SydFIT Training App, our trainers are fostering a community for our members to keep them motivated, encouraged and confident. We go live 6 days a week, engage with every client during the workout, and keep that energy and music lively to give you the best workout experience around. As an added bonus, all of our classes have modifications depending on the type of equipment you have at home!

If you are interested in starting your fitness journey, contact SydFIT today to book your online fitness consultation. We will help you build the perfect at-home training plan that works with both your schedule and your space.