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23754701_812252002290440_859224419551094064_nSydFIT Health Centre is happy to be able to offer physiotherapy in the SydFIT Wellness Centre.

Physiotherapy is a great way to ensure any subtle aches and pains aren’t linked to anything deeper within the body. Physiotherapy can also be utilized for increased mobility and stability, especially in the joints. Treatment plans and sessions are covered by most employee benefit packages!

Our effective model of physiotherapy treatment is designed to make you feel, look and perform better.

As a member of the SydFIT community we see firsthand and get to understand how exercise impacts your day-to-day life like no one else. The goals of treatment are:

1. Get out of pain
2. Learn joint and spine-sparing movement patterns and positions
3. Get strong and fit using those movements and positions

SydFIT Physiotherapy Team

Physio Therapist Assistant- Emily Grinton Bsc(Kin)
Physio Therapist Assistant- Landis Saunders PTA

The assessment fee is $65.  (Note: we may be able to waive this fee depending on open availability on certain days)

To book in an assessment email physio@sydfithealth.ca