Client Spotlight – Sebastian’s Story

 By Mercedes Kay Gold, CNP, CPT

The goal to lose weight and get fit propels most people to start exercising and eat more nutritiously but for Sebastian his goal was to gain weight. This sounds like a dream come true if you are a foodie. It’s not uncommon for people to say, “Just eat more. You are so lucky. You can eat whatever you want.”

Gaining weight, not fat but rather muscle is not an easy task. Sebastian has always been active and ate most of his meals home cooked but decided on April 26th, 2022 it was time to make his goals top priority. He met with Coach Braden, a trainer at SydFIT and began a tailor-made strength and conditioning program.  Braden designed a program to meet his needs choosing full body compound exercises to improve his overall strength and coordination. As a trainer, Braden’s objective was to see Sebastian utilize a full range of motion. As Sebastian gets stronger, his exercises will become more demanding. A great point to remember is for people new to lifting is to understand the importance of finding a starting point to build from. Coach Braden’s trainer tip,” It doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple exercises that work a lot of body parts performed safely is all you need.”

On April 28th, I connected with Sebastian over our discovery call and it was full steam ahead. After filling out the intake questionnaires and submitting a few days detailing his food and eating times, I began designing a protocol centered on addressing his lifestyle, favourite foods and all the things that would set Sebastian up for success. His goal to be clear is to GAIN WEIGHT. It’s important as a nutritionist I address why some foods are taken off the menu and explain the benefits of the ones I chose. Adding homemade granola with a slew of healthy fats and foods like hemp hearts, avocados, coconut oil and full fat coconut milk ups the taste and caloric count in recipes. Gaining weight healthily is the same as losing weight. Slow and steady wins the race! I am thrilled to see Sebastian adding a minimum of 1 pound a week. It was also important to include a protocol of supporting supplements. Braden has Sebastian on a program to increase muscle mass so recovery supplements were key.

Sebastian is thrilled he is gaining weight and people are noticing. His face and legs are where he sees the biggest change! He says, “I have more energy and I like working out for the outside but also the inside.”

He was quick to point out everyone should work out because it’s good for stress and sleep.

He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon as he sees the results are coming from sticking to a healthier diet. He said farewell to fries and ribs, trading his restaurant favourites for more veggies, particularly his new go-to, broccoli!

Coach Braden and I are thrilled to be a part of his journey.