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CEO & Elite Coaching Specialist


CEO & Elite Coaching Specialist

Champion boxer (super middleweight) and certified coach and trainer, Syd “The Jewel” Vanderpool brings more than 13 years of professional boxing and training experience to his members.  Syd has extensively trained with some of the world’s finest trainers including the legendary Emanuel Stewart, Goody Petronelli, John Davenport, Alrick Dougherty and Roberta Snider.

Syd’s unique abilities in and out of the ring make him both a motivational coach as well as a highly sought-after sports trainer. His experience training with world renowned athletes such as Lennox Lewis, Zab Judah and Hector Camacho has given him unique insight into the higher levels of professional sport – a world he fought in for more than a dozen years and helped him to achieve his #1 World ranking.

Now Syd brings his vision to the SydFIT Health Centre, where he shares his passion with young athletes, and inspires the centre’s community of members to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

View an interview with Syd on how SydBOX, at the SydFIT Health Centre, is raising a culture of champions.

It takes a champion to raise a champion…that’s what we do, we uncover champions. — Syd Vanderpool


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