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Natasha Spence

Elite Coaching Specialist

Natasha Spence

Elite Coaching Specialist

Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence is a World Champion Professional Boxer, Certified Amateur Boxing Coach, and Elite Trainer.  With a current boxing record of 8-3-2 (6 KO) she continues to actively train herself, as well as her clients and aspiring young boxers. She won the WBF Super Lightweight Title in May of 2016, and has travelled around the world as a pugilist. Nightmare is known (& feared) mostly for her punching power, with amazing hand speed and the footwork to go with it, she is a force to be reckoned with.

With 13 years of boxing experience she brings a wealth of knowledge to her personal training clients and amateur boxers.   As one of SydFIT’s first instructors, she started passing on the skills she was learning from Syd Vanderpool first to our Youth Boxers, and soon Fitness Boxing, Semi-Private Boxing Classes, and Private clients followed. As she quickly advanced as an instructor, she went on to help Coach Elite level Competitive Amateur Fighters before making the transition into Professional boxer.  The SydFIT team is proud to have “The Nightmare” call our Centre home.


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