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Kelly Sanzsole Knows Firsthand That The Struggle Is Real

14958617_10153897561431022_388600870_nBefore I started my first 30 day challenge in September I thought I was doing pretty good, I was training 2 or 3 times a week, and my eating habits weren’t too bad,or so I thought.

My first 30 day challenge didn’t feel like much of a challenge to me as all I had to do was eliminate pop out of my diet and increase my training to 5 times a week.  I got right to it, pop was out, no more was bought and if I went out to eat I ordered water.   After those 30 days I lost 2.2 lbs, lost an inch in my hips, my waist stayed the same, and gained ½ an inch on my thigh.  I went from just taking the SydFIT Extreme class 2 times a week to:

My 30 Day Challenge Training Program

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class 1x a week

2 SydFIT Extreme classes

personal training with Syd 2x a week

Spin bike 12 min interval training on one of those days

That’s A LOT!!  I felt great, I was able to fit into my skinny jeans and that made me happy!

This 2nd 30 day challenge was the hardest.  Very hard.  It had to do with food and that’s where I struggle as do most people I am finding out.  I had to cut out flour, wheat, and yeast, but keep my training the same.  I couldn’t eat my raisin bran cereal, no more grilled cheese sandwiches, or poutine, or pizza, and what made it even worse is that yeast was in the littlest of things like some soups, and seasonings, that I love and wasn’t able to eat/use.  This challenge also happened during Thanksgiving, I was hoping to stay strong but I caved and cheated and had my stuffing and gravy, but boy did I pay for it and felt it after.  Not only did my weight go up, but I felt bloated too.  Then came Halloween and all the little chocolates/candy  associated with it, that was hard but not as hard because you’d be surprise how little to no flour, wheat or yeast is in them but still too much chocolate is not a good thing.  Now that my second 30 day challenge is over I have a better appreciation and respect for foods that I eat for comfort, and I am not going to cut them out totally because I enjoy them.

If I want a slice of pizza, I’ll have one or two.  If I feel like having a poutine, I will, while keeping in mind that I know what effect this will have on my body and how I feel so I will try to limit tho
se ingredients as best as I can and not over indulge too much!   I’m reading the ingredients list and I’ve never done that before.  I’m trying to keep my meals as close to whole foods as possible and less packaged stuff, canned stuff, using potatoes instead of fries, or trying to incorporate salads as much as I can.  

I chankelly-flexged my diet drastically a few years back and that didn’t last very long.  Now I feel I have a better chance of long term success because of these baby steps.  

I would suggest adding or removing one thing from your diet every 30 days and see how you do!  Sugar is a great way to start.  Cut down your pop intake to only at meals or if you only drink pop at meals then cut down to only at dinner.  Try adding a salad to your lunch filled with veggies, all the veggies you like!  You’d be surprised how filling a salad can be if made right!

Overall, I am happy with the outcomes of my challenges, could I have been stricter with my 2nd one and gotten better results?  Sure!  But I still learned what effect not following my rules has and I will keep that in mind when I go out to
eat, or am making my meals.  The struggle is real and so is success.  I feel great, my clothes fit nicely and I am taking with me the knowledge of what to do and what not to do on my next challenge.  What’s next?  Arms….I want to develop some killer arms!  Stay tuned!

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