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30 Day Challenge

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10 minutes a day…that’s all!!  The foundation of the 30 Day Challenge is based on our 3 C’s.
COACHING We will be providing, and recommending the type of training you should be doing weekly, which will include a step-by-step guide to the exercises and their benefits.
CONSISTENCY It’s what you do every day that makes lasting changes, starting with a daily check-in on our private Facebook group.  Start with what day of the challenge you are on; what time you completed your training; how did you feel when you were finished your training; and share with the group what your grateful for that day.
CONNECTION  Our private Facebook group will allow you to connect with other SydFIT  Challenge members plus our team of professionals, who will encourage you as well as hold you accountable.  They will also post tips to help you get the most out of every challenge, and sustain the benefits of each challenge long after you have made it through.
ENTRY TO THE CHALLENGE (Bonus****A chance to win a $500 package*****)
Accountability Deposit
Each 30 Day Challenger will submit a $50 entry fee by Paypal or etransfer to
Participants who complete the 30-days without missing more than 1 day (this means both your workout, and your post on the private Facebook page) will be entered into a draw to win 1 month of personal training from Pro Home Trainers, 1 nutrition consultation with Naturopathic Dr. Samanta, and a FitBit.
Note: each participant receives 1 grace day per challenge
Self Assessment
Once your accountability deposit has been received you will be contacted via Facebook with a SydFIT Self Assessment to complete and send your results back.
We will use this self assessment to send you the appropriate level program for you to start the challenge.
Feedback from SydFIT  Challenge participants:

“Thank you very much for this opportunity. Although I seemed to gain 4 lbs….. I lost 4 inches around my waist, I’ve eaten breakfast every morning, inspired some around me and my bum is more bubbly ( has a nicer lift )  hehehe  Love you all!”  — Kim

“With all that’s been going on I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 17 pounds and 3 belt notches during this challenge. Thanks so much for all of the motivation and kindness. You guys rock. Especially Syd Vanderpool” — Laura

“I am so thankful for this challenge! I did it. Down 7lbs in total, and 5 inches total. Doesn’t seem like much to some but to me it means I can do this.  My family were my #1 cheerleaders and even did it with me a couple of times.  This group also played a huge role for motivating each other. Syd and Dr Stix thank you X 100 for this group and the knowledge you have given all of us.” — Tanya

“Syd knows I never back down from any challenge he throws my way, but I am particularly glad for this one. I needed a plan for keeping up a workout at home and this group kept me accountable to getting it done everyday. Thank you to everyone who participated, you all made this worth every ten minute block of sweat, swearing and satisfaction. Congratulations to everyone…I’d say we all rocked this! Thanks for coming on the crazy ride!” — Eryn

“Regrettably I don’t often finish what I start. I thank God for breath of life, and strength through the last 21 days. Look how fast it went, crazy!!!  I am truly grateful for all of you…Your openness, support and positive vibes reminded me that there is still passion and compassion out there. This is one amazing group. Syd you are truly a jewel.” — Belinda

“Feeling great after today’s workout and really looking forward to Syd FIT 2.0 !  I feel such a difference already in my strength, mood, and can feel my body adjusting to this program. It has been really encouraging to see other people’s successes and similar challenges…. glad to have had the opportunity to partake in this challenge and proud of myself for sticking with it and encouraging others to make some small daily changes in their life too! Great job everyone….looking forward to seeing some familiar names in Syd Fit #2!!!!!” — Danielle

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