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Boxing By Syd’s personal training sessions have helped me strengthen and tone for longevity & to keep healthy habits in place."

Natalie - RMT, Kitchener, ON.

Check out Melissa's Awesome Transformation!

People who are struggling or doing something foreign need a coach to help guide them and provide measurement tools and accountability to their goal. SydFIT gave Melissa the ability to share her struggles and achivements. SydFIT provided the kind of support that let Melissa know she was not alone.

  • October 2015

    Melissa began her 
    fitness journey in Oct 2015
    with the help of SydFIT.

    The transformation pictured above did not take 30 days.  It took Melissa 300 days.  Melissa ramped things up over the past 30 days to break through a plateau she was experiencing after 9 months of doing fitness boxing classes on average 3 times per week. Melissa has improved by almost 100% in her upper body and lower body strength.
    Probably the most impressive of all is the way she now walks... 

  • July 2016

    2 inch Smaller Waist 
    4 inch Smaller Hips
    16 lbs Overall Weight Loss!

     ... and how her shoulders are back and her chest is out which is just good posture and adds confidence to every stride.  
    This will prove valuable as she now changes careers and is being interviewed by perspective employers. A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just looking good, it's about feeling good mentally and emotionally. 

Kitchener's most elite and experienced personal trainers can be found at SydFIT.

Champion super middleweight boxer and certified coach and trainer, Syd “The Jewel” Vanderpool brings more than 13 years of professional boxing and training experience to his members.  Syd has extensively trained with some of the world’s finest trainers including the legendary Emanuel Stewart, Goody Petronelli, John Davenport, Alrick Dougherty and Roberta Snider.

Syd’s unique abilities in and out of the ring make him both a motivational coach as well as a highly sought-after sports trainer. His experience training with world renowned athletes such as Lennox Lewis, Zab Judah and Hector Camacho has given him unique insight into the higher levels of professional sport – a world he fought in for more than a dozen years and helped him to achieve his #1 World ranking.

Now Syd brings his vision to the SydFIT Personal Training, where he shares his passion with young athletes, and inspires the centre’s community of members to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Get Ready to Change Your Life!

Boxers have always been ranked among the fittest athletes in the world.

Use the training system of boxing in a fitness setting to give you the results you have been wanting.

What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "Syd Vanderpool has been the first guiding light and my first mentor in waterloo region.
    Syd and his team have been beside me through it all.
    The consistency Syd provided and the support that came with it, through the good decisions and the bad decisions has made a world of difference. 
    Thank you SydFIT for showing me what true mentorship is. "

    Jill “Jackhammer” Doupe

  • "I have always been a person to take on new challenges in life.
    However the one thing I have struggled with over the years is consistency in trying to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.
    It has always been on again off again with me.
    I can honestly say I have changed my life with the help of ‪SydFIT Health.‬"

    Jim N.

  • "A massive 180 degree turn in so many aspects of my life. All positive, all choices and more importantly, sustained. Many pounds and a few inches lost. So many great laughs had and friends made since joining Sydfit. 
    The fact that this has influenced my children in such a positive manner is a father's dream come true. To show them to chase down dreams and to #neverstaydown #alwaysgetbackup Thank you SydFIT."

    Chris Hope