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Each week we’ll be sharing the stories of the SydFIT Health Centre family, from our young champions to boxing fitness members to competitors.

We asked: How did fitness change your life?


Fitness changed my life as an adult.  Quite frankly, as a kid, I never thought about fitness. However, once I’d had two kids of my own and, like many women, was struggling to get rid of baby weight, I started to educate myself in what it means to be healthy.

However, if Syd Vanderpool hadn’t walked into my client’s office nearly 10 years ago, I can say with a pretty good amount of certainty that I would still be struggling to get rid of that baby weight, and not know why I couldn’t.

Having the support of a knowledgeable coach, the encouragement of a gym community, and a better understanding of what health is in general changed my way of thinking entirely. Being part of #creatingacultureofchampions at SydFIT has also given me the best reasons to continue on my healthy path for both myself and my girls.

kelly Sanzsole- SydFIT TrainerKelly S.:

Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve lost pounds, inches, and bad habits, but I’ve gained confidence, self love, good habits, and yes even pounds and inches but in a good, better, healthier way!

SydFIT is not only about creating a culture of champions but about creating an amazing family that I’m proud to be apart of.



I have done many fitness challenges and “diets” but, when I started with Syd, for the first time I found something I enjoyed and a way to improve my life, and my son, Keegan’s, life. The SydFIT Health family is made up of amazing people who encourage and support each other through all of their fitness struggles. I am just at the beginning but I am dedicated to growth and continuing this great path.

As for Keegan, he has been a part of SydFIT longer than I have. Thank you to the SydFIT family for showing him encouragement, and helping him gain strength and confidence. He is coming out of his shell, slowly but surely.


13 years ago I committed myself to become healthier and since then I’ve continued my fitness journey.

My fitness journey has been filled with a lot of highs and lows, hills and valleys, losses and gains….it has made me the person I am today…it has lead me to be where I feel like I truly belong.

I can’t thank everyone at the SydFIT Health Centre enough for all the love and support they have given me over the last year! Each and everyone of you have a special place in my heart!!!

amber-lynnAmber Lynn:

#fitnesschangedmylife in one huge way – it has made me the best version of myself.

I am a better wife, mother, daughter and teacher because I have learned the value of health, both physical and mental. My family at @SydFIT led by coach Syd Vanderpool has inspired me to achieve goals I never thought possible like losing 30 pounds in a year, dropping down 6 dress sizes, running 10km and winning a fight in Golden Gloves. I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring.

SydFIT Health Centre focuses on creating a culture of champions, whether it be champions in the ring or champions in life.


Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. It has taught me to never give up on my goals or dreams. It has shown me what I can achieve with a bit of determination and dedication. But most of all it has created another outlet for my son and I to work togther, learn together, and grow together.

SydFIT is not just a gym, but within those walls there is a sense of family.

Thank you Syd Vanderpool and all of the trainers for welcoming both my son and I into the SydFIT family.


chris-hChris H.:

A massive 180 degree turn in so many aspects of my life. All positive, all choices and more importantly, sustained. Many pounds and a few inches lost. So many great laughs had and friends made since joining the Sydfit family.

The fact that this has influenced my children in such a positive manner is a father’s dream come true. To show them to chase down dreams and to #neverstaydown #alwaysgetbackup Thank you Sydfit family and thank you Syd Vanderpool.


Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. As an RMT, it is important to take care of yourself in such a physically demanding field.

Boxing By Syd’s personal training sessions have helped me strengthen & tone for longevity & to keep healthy habits into place. I have met motivators & people doing what they love on a regular basis to reach their goals.

Everyone needs to set goals every day & to be successful is educating yourself, pick up after your mistakes & move onto better things for yourself. Positive vibes all around to everyone!

We are not only about Creating a Culture of Champions but we create this amazing family & I am proud to be apart of SydFIT.

Jim N:

13886958_1092512744159867_6361365169955870603_nThis might sound a little sappy but it’s from the heart folks.

I have always been a person to take on new challenges in life but one thing I have struggled with over the years is consistently maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle. Its always been on again off again with me. This has changed with the help of ‪SydFIT Health‬.

Syd Vanderpool has put together a team of great trainers and coaches as well created a culture of success that motivates everyone to achieve their goals. I have embarked on a new personal quest to succeed in boxing at the age of 51. Not to be a champ but to compete well and learn daily.

Syd and his team have been there to provide the guidance and support I need. It’s not about winning and losing in the ring…I have already won just by being there. New friends, great coaches, new motivation…I love it!!!

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How I Lost My Ringside Virginity

On Sunday June 19, 2016, Boxing By Syd Vanderpool hosted another amateur boxing show at the Alpine club in Kitchener.  As always I was so excited and eager to help out in anyway possible.  

Since I took the coaches clinic  a while back and my first ever personal training client Chris Hope was scheduled to step into the ring I was super pumped about this event.   I mustered up the nerve to ask Syd if I could help with cornering the boxers and Syd said yes, that took my excitement to a new level.  I’ve never cornered anyone before and I was eager to lose my virginity (coaching in the ring!).  

The officials started arriving and the boxers began their weigh ins and registration.  I introduced myself as the new Team Manager for Destiny Boxing to the President of the WBC Canada Ms. Sherry Boone.  We began chatting and she asked what I was doing for the day and I told her hopefully cornering some boxers and just helping out in anyway possible.  She then paused and asked if I would help her out at ringside and be timekeeper for the bouts.   I’m thinking sure I can do that until the real timekeeper shows up and so I said yes.  No “real” timekeeper showed up, I was the real timekeeper and it was amazing.  I had a little bit of a shaky start but when I got the hang of it, I killed it!!  I was the best time keeper EVER!!! Hahaha jk. 

I learned that, while it is pretty simple, it’s not that easy.  To open the event,  Darwin  Creres sang R Kelly’s The World’s Greatest as a tribute to the Greatest Of All Times Muhammad Ali .  Following his song  we did a 10 bell salute to the departed champ, it was beautiful and leave it to me to mess up.  First I hit on top of the bell, which was wrong because it stifles the sound, who knew?!, then Sherry showed me to hit the side of the bell so I continued doing so only to hit the bell for a total of 11 times.  11 hahaha.  Thankfully, the announcer who already introduced me as the timekeeper for the day made light of it by saying “your timekeeper ladies and gentleman, she’ll be here all day”  and also said something along the lines of “since Ali was so great, he deserves and extra ring!”  Everyone seemed to enjoy that!

Sherry also made things very easy going and relaxing.  I got to see the inner workings of a boxing event.  How the judges score, what the timekeeper really does, I still had to do paperwork, take notes of stoppages, 8 counts etc., I told Sherry if she ever needs a timekeeper again I am so down for that job.  I had so much fun that I didn’t even mind not cornering, there will be more club shows and more fights to corner!! Boxing is in my blood and I don’t see my love fading anytime soon!

— Kelly Sanzole, Trainer, SydFIT Health Centre

P.S.  Chris won his first fight and I am so proud of him!

An Interview With Longtime SydFIT Member Jill “Jackhammer” Doupe

Jill Doupe: single, age 56, Customer Care Rep at Sun Life

1. What were your biggest challenges during your health transformation?
The biggest challenge for me was diet. I love food and all kinds of it, so I came to the conclusion that I need to balance my love of food with regular work outs to burn those calories. That 21 year old body is gone forever, so instead I am simply grateful to continue to be healthy and strong at this stage of my life. It was also a challenge to stay focused to get to the gym  on some of those crazy cold winter days!
2.  What kept you from stopping (motivation)?
Surrounding myself with other motivated people. Coming to the gym and sharing classes with others who push themselves to work hard is inspirational, which made me want to push myself to be the best that I could be too.
3. What would your advice be to someone who is considering making a healthy lifestyle change?
Don’t get discouraged. Start out doing the best you can and know that each workout will get easier as you get stronger. Also, don’t compare your yourself to what others are capable of. You have to build up your own strength and cardio, and you cannot gauge your successes by trying to outdo others. Focus on you, and the reward will be yours!
A Gym, A Commnity

I moved to Kitchener/Waterloo from the Ottawa valley, with a less than commendable past, with no relationships and no guidance I stumbled upon Waterloo Regions best kept secret, Sydfit Health Center. I am a direct product of this gyms environment, showing what the culture that syd has created here can do for an individual over 7 years. I am a product of the community that revolves around this gym, and around Syd.

I can undoubtedly say that everything that I now am and have accomplished is due to the relationships that I have developed here at SydFit Health Center. Almost every relationship I have in Waterloo Region has derived from this community.

Syd, the first guiding light and my first mentor in waterloo region has been beside me through it all. The consistency he provided and the support that came with it, through the good decisions and the bad decisions has made a world of difference, showing me what true mentorship is. That steadfastness has helped me develop my own skills to pass on into the community. He shows that a man can be multiple things and have multiple identities within a community. You can be what you choose to be when there is the support to help you reach those heights.

I once said “Every man must climb his own ladder. It is the help he received in building his ladder that determines how high he can climb” This is as true today as it was when I said it and Syd is at the forefront of a culture dedicated to helping each other build their ladders to successful lives.  — Lucas Rowe

Patricia Reeves on Acceptance

Patricia image

For years I have been telling myself that it didn’t matter that I was overweight. I was still the same person inside regardless of my size. I was a good person! But secretly, it was such a “heavy” load. Making jokes about my size which made others uncomfortable, all to convince myself that I was fine the way I was. To protect myself I would over compensate with my skills. Always trying to impress others hoping that they could see pass the weight and see that I was a good person. Learning about yourself is probably the hardest part of this journey. Finding self confidence and learning to just be you was the hardest part of my journey. Being at BBSV helped me learn that I was important and that I could start being myself in public without judgement. I learned that I did not have to try to impress this family. They accepted me for who I was…..BBSV Allowed me to share and express myself. I still struggle daily, I don’t always see what people see in me. But I know and I am confident that in time I will see what you all see in me… Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me during the workouts from across the room.. Most of all Syd I thank you for creating a environment that allows people to grow into the people they deserve to be. You have changed my life, but as we can all see you have changed many peoples lives.

Short But Sweet

Syd (Vanderpool) is a very genuine man who is very supportive with all people.  He has amazing trainers who help assist you on whatever journey it is that you are on.  This gym and the people there have helped me out in so many ways in my life….a great community!!!Tammy Hardy

Boxing by Syd is an amazing facility! The family like atmosphere… no judgements… It’s exactly what I need to achieve my weight loss goals.Amber Zavitsky

I met Syd Vanderpool back in 2009 and I’ve been training with Syd for 5yrs now, having all my pro fights under his guidance. After 12 professional fights, and 2 North American Championship Titles and a top 10 ranking in the world we are stronger than ever before.  What I’ve grown to learn about Syd was that it was never about money or pride rather he wants what is best for me and my career That is the sign of a true genuine person who is looking to do right by everyone and a true champion at heart for wanting to see me be the best I could be!” — “Dangerous” Denton Daley

Great team environment run my an amazing man who has not only been there. But is humble and understanding of everyone.Matthew McHugh


An important part of my process!Adam Rochon

The wonderfully fantastic positive energy that radiates from this place! Transformative for so many people. Thanks team! :)Dr. Laura Stix

A very warm and inviting atmosphere, there is definitely a sense of community here and a lot of positive energy.Danielle Cameron

This place has been fabulous for my 12 year old son. He’s been here for three years. His fitness is better, his confidence has soared, and he’s had so much fun with his instructors, that he has no idea what great shape he’s now in.David Brook

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