An Invitation from Your Certified Instructor & Coach, Kelly Sanzsole.

I'd like to start off by outlining what this small group class looks like. It will be for one hour session 2x a week for 8 weeks, with a maximum of 6 woman. Each session will include: 

  • Warm-up 
  • 20 minutes of cardio/conditioning 
  • 20 minutes of boxing; using the heavy bag, focus pads, and speed ball 
  • Abdominal work 
  • Cool down and stretching.

Regular cost of 2 one hour sessions/ week for 1 month would equal to $480+tax ($60 a session). 

By joining this small group you are paying only: 

$14 per session 

That equals $112+tax. That's a total saving of $368 per month, that’s a saving of 75%. 2 months of training and coaching with me and my team of professionals at SydFIT for only $224+HST.


I remember thinking that I was not “fit enough” and did not feel comfortable going to a big box gym. 

That led me to SydFIT. I started my fitness journey with owner, Syd Vanderpool, and his team at Boxing by Syd Vanderpool in 2012. I experienced many gains and losses during my journey, but it wasn’t until 2014, when I decided to make a major lifestyle change. Since then with the guidance of many coaches, I have lost over 60 lb. 

In late 2015 with my love for boxing and fitness, a desire to learn more and to help others. I earned my group fitness, personal training and competitive boxing certification and have been helping corporate groups, fitness enthusiasts, and personal 1 on 1 clients achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Kelly's 3C's to Success!

COACHING: I will be working with you in the centre, 2x a week, give you a simple at home plan, which will include a step-by-step guide to the exercises and their benefits.  

CONSISTENCY: It’s what you do every day that makes lasting changes, starting with a daily journal to track your progress and challenges. 

As your coach this will help us work together to reach your goals. 

CONNECTION: The power of small group training is in the people. We do not allow just anyone into this program. Participants are selected not only on the individual want to be successful, but also for the individuals to understand that we are all working together and encouraging, motivating and celebrating with one another.